Our Team

Gary Gilliland, MD, PhD

Dr. Gary Gilliland is a physician-scientist who has made major contributions to understanding the genetic basis of blood diseases, particularly leukemia, and translated seminal findings into new, precision treatments that stop cancer while causing minimal side effects.

Dr. Gilliland led Fred Hutch from 2015 to early 2020. Among his achievements were strong growth and diversification of the faculty, an increase in the Hutch’s already-strong federal grant funding, a quadrupled endowment, adding the Lake Union Steam Plant to the campus as a nexus of data science and T-cell immunotherapy research, and new internal and external research collaborations. Through his leadership and vision, Gilliland reinforced the Hutch’s longstanding commitment to scientific excellence.

Among Gilliland’s major initiatives was the creation of the Hutch’s Integrated Research Centers, or IRCs, which promote collaboration among researchers across campus and throughout the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium on high-impact, innovative projects.

Before he was named the Hutch’s fifth president, Dr. Gilliland spent 20 years at Harvard Medical School, led a breakthrough immunotherapy drug to market as senior vice president and global oncology franchise head at Merck and Co., and spearheaded a new model for personalized medicine within the University of Pennsylvania system.